Hello, I am The Gold Wing Psychic.

For me, it is a big step putting it out there that I am a psychic, but over time I’ve come to realize we are all psychic. It’s just a matter of uncovering blocks, working on your awareness, and practicing it until you become more and more comfortable with it. It ends up being a journey in self-awareness.

What qualifies me in this work?

I have been on the self-awareness trip since the mid-80s. Working on personal issues through 12-step groups and overcoming many of them, and then continuing onward and upward into more metaphysical issues. There is a step that says we should pray and meditate. Very inspired!

Alanon and other 12-step groups relating to personal relationships is another great resource for me. Having been through dysfunctional relationships, and helping others through these and other hard times, is something I continue to do, while working on my own issues.

The ultimate self-love is detaching from family and society issues that hold you back, and acting out of your own self-awareness.

I have been studying metaphysical concepts since the 80s as well, reading books relating to science and metaphysics, the body, emotions, beliefs, attending various seminars, workshops, and events, and watching all the big movies that come out like What The Bleep, The Secret, the Celestine Prophecy, Louise Hay, and more.

I have lead a Vipassana meditation group for about 16 years – that focuses on the breath, and self-awareness. The more meditation you do, the more you find opportunities to bring meditation into the rest of your life. So, I find that riding a motorcycle can be meditative. You have to be in the moment – it is an awareness practice.

Also, bridging the mind-body gap, and focusing on energy, I have studied, and taught Tai Chi and Chi Gongs from the late 90s as well as learning some Reiki – becoming a Reiki Master and learning some Cranio-Sacral Therapy from a local expert, Dee Schore. I also have a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Certificate, and E Ho’omana Level I Hawaiian Spiritual Healing Certificate. I have practiced yoga for about 10 years on a regular basis – and have taught – as it also clears the energy of the body, and helps balance the energy and mind. Along the path, also many forms include breath work – so staying in the breath is important as well, as it brings you into the moment.

Over the past few years I have taken psychic development courses with local teachers, so, all of this uncovering work leads to more and more clearing and opening to psychic abilities.

I have been attracted to cards for some time, and experience after experience has shown me that. At a Ramtha workshop, I found both of my cards doing field work. (Blindfold, inside a room with over 200 people bumping into each other, trying to find their cards taped upside down and backwards on the wall so you can’t see them if you peek from your blindfold… You have to find them “energetically”.)

I am Certified as a Tarot Reader through Positive Touch Enterprises, and am a Licensed Universal Life Church Minister.

Authentic communication is important, and only sharing from my own experience and staying in integrity is important to me. For me, Tarot cards are a reflection of where we are in the moment, based on universal archetypes, and, we are attracted to the people we are, for a reason. If this is so for you, let me know if I can help!